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Team spirit reaching the Netherlands

People of accomplishment rarely set back and let things happen to them.

They go out and happen to things. Leonardo da Vinci -

It was mid-February, about 15 days before my book presentation in Lisbon, Portugal, that I had the joy of participating of a 3-day session training for woman empowerment where a group of women came close to experiencing the taste of team spirit in a mere 3 days.

The training was given by 2 extraordinary Dutch women. They made a little analysis of each of the women participants and they said the following about me:

It is striking how much you know and how clearly you can understand what is going on. You have great inner wisdom. You live your life, you are really part of it and life does not pass you by. You understand you can influence this yourself and you are aware of it. You are present, and you connect with what you do. You are present, and you are noticed.

YOU take other people with you, so they can participate in your activity. You stand up for the weak and lesser strong and speak this out. You follow the rhythms of the seasons as a resilient dancer and you

put situations into perspective. You can become disappointed If people do not take their own responsibility to participate in your activities.

You embrace someone else and you respect their space. You are not imposing, and you do not suffocate other people.

You are a great leader, participating and realizing you can give good leadership to others because you see and know what needs to be done. When others get stuck in drama, you start to doubt whether you are up for the job. But you are up for the job. Believe in yourself!

Leadership Atelier. Training woman empowerment, mentors Miranda Robben and Claudette Kints.

It is only now that I found the time to read carefully what Miranda and Claudette had

written about me and I was impressed how they caught the essence of my soul.

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Jun 01, 2019

Very good Ines !! :)

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